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"Paul" Got bannded


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my Character Paul was banned because of WH, but I dont use any hacks or other cheating tools. I first used a glitch, but after sbdy told me to leave this glitch I did so. I created an account now to write this thread, because I think it is a very nice server without any hackers. Thats why I'm playing on this server and now I'm banned. PLEASE undban me.
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Hi Paul, thank you for your message and honest explanation. Indeed after I asked you to leave the glitsch you did as requested. Now you mention that you like this server because there are no hackers. Net-Jam is doing the best it can to keep it that way, to keep it fair for all players, which makes it enjoyable for gamers to play here and come back. Now if you hide in a glitsch and start killing others while the other players have zero chance to kill you my question to you is do you thinks it is fair? This is for you to think about BUT that was not why I banned you! As said you behaved when I asked you, I give you that.
However it will definitely draw the attention to yourself from an admin after that. Later you had suspicious kills and recorded a part of your game, I do not remember the details as we have banned quite a few last weekend. I will upload the demo and have a second opinion of another admin to see if we can unban you. We admins are also just human beings and can make mistakes (in advance apologies if it will be).
I will get back to you as soon as I have a confirmation either way, it may take a day as we are all in different time zones. Cheers Paul, Terror.
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