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why banned me??


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Hi there...

Firstly i want to apologize if my english is bad..

OK, im just new in ur server...which is a great server and i like it. My in game name is JarmenKell or sometimes ANOOBIAN. A few days ago i was playing in NET-JAM server where everything is good untill a hacker (NR&WH) came in.... he keep denied it then i decide to leave the server..Next day when i try to join TDM again then i was kicked out without reason... i admit i was using harsh word by sayin A$$ (sorry for that) to that hacker and i got a warning before i leave... so the question is...is that why the reason i got banned from ur server?? IF that the reason u banned me plss forgive my behave an unbanned me....i'l make sure i wont speak a word after this bcuz i really enjoy playing at ur server....once again sorry for my english
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Will look into it.

I've looked over the ban list; there might have been an error with the system.
I've sent a message to someone who can help you out.
Until then, all I can say is, have patient with us and thank you for taking your time writing a thread.
Have a nice day.

Don't quote my quotes!

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