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moThERMarY hacking


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Hi Guys,

SKLD SPAZZA, long time player in your servers and first time posting.

You had a player today moThERMarY (I'm in Australia) at around 11:45am 30/12 (EDST in Oz) calling out a player called Joe_y for hacking. mothermary had aimbot and was auto kicked. If you need the vid let me know.

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Hi G1,

The video was of Mothermary. Joe_y looked clean to me, he was just having a good game. Mothermary said if Joe_y was going to hack then he would as well (the idiot). Mothermary was auto banned.

All good re: my first post here. You guys do an awesome job, it's a great server that's run extremely well (and I know how difficult that is). The fact it's full most of the time is a testament to how clean and great the NJ server is.

Always happy to help out where I can as well. =)

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