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What I've been drawing the past two months


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With Thanksgiving past and Christmas right around the corner I haven't had to much time to draw, so as a result I've only completed one drawing. :headbonk:

And here are a few that are in progress:

dd72dd72431f6b7840460ba92fa3dd71.jpg I know, it looks creepy. (The random lines represent the shadows)

042f58708b48c72ac94b419a958ea3f6.jpg This is a rough sketch for a future painting. Dogs playing poker will defiantly be a new one for me, plus I have to get it done before Christmas, so it will be interesting to see how it this one turns out. lol

Great news Boards, Your Jag is near completion! [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]

Thanks guys for taking the time to check out what I've been working on. And Merry Christmas!!!

DoDo out

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Wow Dodo! Your shading technique is excellent! Really nice work you have there. Looks as if you have a bit of work ahead of you to meet your deadline. Those drawings are shaping up well. Good luck with them...I'm sure they will be awesome!

Thank you very much for the Jag update. I can't wait to see it!

A quick question for you...Do you draw on a flat table top? If so, you may want to try setting up a board tilted at an angle like a drawing table. It makes looking at your work much easier and helps with the overall results. If you have a drawing table, just ignore me, lol! An early Merry Christmas to you too Dodo! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work!


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Thank you so much, Boards! Haha, Yeah deadlines suck!
I thought i attached this drawing already, but i must have forgotten too. Anyway... 24c09181848b16895b2262ca67f1dbf6.jpg

Glad too hear it, cuz i just finished it!!!! :hyper: Unfortunately , i probably won't be able to get a photo of it until Saturday.

Yep. I draw/paint on my desk next to my computer, :shrug: but a drafting/drawing table would be incredible! But that will have to wait until I get more space to set one up; on the up side, I probably look hysterical when i draw because i always end up in the most awkward positions and when I paint it's even worse! lol

Thanks again, Boards! I love to post my art up here and read everyone's comments, it makes my day! :d

DoDo out

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You're welcome Dodo! Love the foal/pony drawing. Really well done with the sweeping curve of its back. Gryph must be jelly, lol! Sorry you have limited space but, try the tilted board sometime. Your brother (Mr. Google) can help you set up something simple. Great work Dodo, keep at it!


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Whenever I post something here, I feel like I'm poking The Great Wooden Bear of the North with a stick. It feels dangerous.

You know I love ya Gryph. Posting personal artwork is a very sacred thing and I don't want anybody messing with it...family or not!


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Boards, I took your advise and made a simple- yet crappy, drafting table.


I just took two boxes, a very large book, and taped a ruler at the bottom to hold up the drawing; best of all, I did it without the help of Mr.Google. . . which is probably why it's crappy. But anyway I think it's going to work much better then a flat table.

DoDo out

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Good for you Dodo! That's awesome! Do you notice a difference in the way you see the page? It's much easier with the page tilted and it reduces distortion from viewing the page on a desktop. Nice job. Even Mr. Google must be impressed, lol!


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