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Banned Appeal


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Seriously bruuh? Why did I get banned? Please give a particular specific reason why.... You know I don't cheat .. I never cheat. PH.TriSkellion speaking here, together with Fernando Poe Jr. (PH.PaxRomana).. Can you please tell me when can I play at the server again? I'm always looking forward in playing with you guys again... God Bless !
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Do you know a player that goes by the name PH.Nikee? You have him to thank for your ban. Neither you or your friend were banned for hacking, but as a result of bans against other players.

Unfortunately the only way to fix this is for you and your friend to buy legitimate copies of the game. It goes on sale frequently for $5.00 US. Contact us back after purchasing, with your in-game name, and we'll be happy to lift the ban.


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