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Im banned for NR......i didnt use it...


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Im Banned for using NR but i didnt use it....i play fair and clean.....

My account was:PH.Nikee

PS:Im not friend of Aladin who use NJ tags....And someone said i use NJ tags and my friend too
But i promise i didnt use that tags....i just played here with my friend using PH tags..
im expecting u can help me,

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Hey, crow. I'm the one who banned you. The current issue I can tell you is that PH.Nikee is on my red list. And playing under that name and in the same country as he logged in will arouse my suspicion. I will look over the demo tomorrow morning.
In your time around 6~7 AM. I will not lift the ban however, I will talk to several other admins about your connection.
I apologize in advance if there was a mistake on my end which is highly likeable. I also thank you for taking your time for posting an appeal. Good night Crow.
In addition, if the ban is lifted, please do not play under the name of PH.Nikee.
Thank you

Don't quote my quotes!

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Wearing our tags is bannable. You were warned countless times, and continued to wear them. Then coming on here and denying that you ever used them while having them on your profile...

Goodbye Nikee. Thread locked.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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