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PS3 Anyone?

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I have a 360 as well... I have had a Problem Station 3. I sold it within 3 days of owning it. I HATED it. The 360 has a good collection of games. The Halo series is only part of the line up, that said most of the other games are available on the ProbStat3 any way lol.


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Hey peepz, sorry I haven't been around much my priorities have been else where :p

- girlfriend
- finding a job
- getting my probationary license (Australia)
- getting a car (still haven't got it :/)
- reformatting my computer again - I have had it done for roughly 3 weeks but haven't been bothered to reinstall my games again thanks to the gf :d (yes that means I need to restart my Stupidity profile again T_T back to Level 1 I go sighs).

Anyways, I have a PS3 over here connected to the net with the online ID: Stupidity_00

Seeing as I am based in Australia and the Nef is the main one who plays it, there may be no point to adding me :p

Although we do have CoD: MW2 on there and planning on getting Black Ops and CoD4 on it shortly. For me I prefer the keyboard and mouse over controllers until it comes to racing games.

It is not how hard we hit, but as to how hard we get hit and still move forward!

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Bruiza, where in Aus are you located?

We have a few NJA's in Aus too.... Myself and Kat are in Geraldton, WA, Phalesbus is in Perth, Anubis (ex admin) is also in Geraldton... Spartan who will return as admin shortly lives close to Canberra (but don't hold that against him lol) Aerostop (newest admin) lives in Canada but is Australian :-)

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Camperdown in Victoria :)

Dead beat town it is... hoping to head to Wales for a couple of months (maybe) in December to go meet my misses family and friends over there.

It is not how hard we hit, but as to how hard we get hit and still move forward!

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