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Persistent "Unread Posts" button, please!

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Here's the way I catch up with the forums. I press Forums at the menubar, wait for it to load. Then press unread posts to see what is new. After viewing a thread, you can't click back without a "resend this form again error" necessitating another click and to reload the page anyways. So let's say there's a list of 10 unread posts. For each and every one I view, I have to click "Forums -> Unread posts" again every time." Which at least doubles the waiting and clicking time necessary to perform this action.

I suggest for the Unread Posts button to be universally persistent. I have two possible location suggestions for it.

1. As a drop down from the Main menubar under forums... so you mouse over forums and it drops down with an unread posts button.

2. Alongside the "new reply, subscribe, mark unread" buttons above a thread you're viewing. It would be relevant there, and add less overall clutter, but you'd still have to press "forums....unread posts" at least once to get there.

I like 1 the best, but 2 works.

You're awesome Gryphus, keep it up. Thanks!
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