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The Regenesis Offical Fragathon Thread!

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When: 5/18/2014
Where: Squeaks Mix
When:5pm PDT
Server IP:
TS3 IP: ts3.re-hq.net

So Here's How It Works

We will be hosting regular Sunday Fragathons. These fragathons will differ slightly being more as a preset time for all of us to hop on, BS, and have some fragging fun! With the regular activity in our servers, we still have to maintain our behavior and rules and such, but there is one exception!

We will be roatating servers every fragathon between TDM, Mixed, and SQUEAKS. The Squeaks server fragathon we can do with what we want. Play with different mods, shitshows on shipment, direct impact only, whatever. This should work out perfect for rotating fragathons to provide more people access to all the different kinds.

For example, the next few weeks we will have:
Sunday Frag: Mixed
Sunday Frag: TDM

I'm trying to come up with the best time for the Sunday Fragthon, any input? I would like to pick a time where we all could play, including those of us that are international. I'm thinking noon-ish would be the best.

So, I think that about covers it. Blame Tig for Sunday over Saturday. It's his fault, not giraffes!

Also Tig has given me that choice to run mods so submit your ideas and input to me, either here in the fourm or shoot them to me on xfire and i'll take a look. EVERYONE'S FEEDBACK WILL BE TAKEN IN TO CONSIDERATION!!!

One last thing, this is not just a Regenesis fragathon. I've talked to Gryphus over at net jam and asked if they would like to join.

And as always, any input, suggestions, willingness to help, and comments are always welcome. I can by no means make every one of these, especially when the next semester starts up, so I'm counting on you guys to keep these going!

Thanks everyone.
[RE]Thabomba - Admin
Xfire: Thabomba24
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