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Thought I'd give you guys a little insight into what I do for a living. I've been trying to figure out how to post this for a while and think that the easiest way is to leave you a link to a blog run by myself and occasionally my cousin.

The posts on the blog are sporting topics I find interesting and want to write about in my spare time, and have no direct relation to my actual work. They do however serve as good practice, and I am most likely to post something when I have some time off to keep myself ticking over. Please bear in mind that some of this is a little rough and ready!

The large majority of posts take the format of previews, reviews and reports. There is also a heavy focus on American sports, simply for the reason that working in the UK doesn't allow me too much opportunity to cover stuff across the pond, and the differing terminology presents a new challenge in terms of how I can construct an article.

The most recent event I looked at in this blog was the 20/20 Cricket World Cup in Bangladesh. I appreciate that cricket may be foreign to some of you, but I think it probably reads the best out of all the pieces on there, so worth a look if you are interested.

Feel free to ask any questions :)


Wab (RoboMop)
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Thanks very much for posting this Wabdin! I really like your writing style. Engaging, well researched and flows like water. So easy to read with vivid, colourful descriptions of the events. The reader is drawn along wondering what happened next. Great stuff! I wish you wrote for our local papers because they are woefully inadequate and could use your flair! Thanks again, your work is excellent!



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First-rate writing Wabdin, seriously, some excellent stuff! And as Boards said very engaging and easy to read. Thanks for sharing, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work and would love to see some more. Again bung-up job!



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