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Habenero, the devil's chili I would like to call it.

I don't know why I even tried one with my friends.

We were all curious of how SPICY it can be. Pfffttt we Koreans thought we could handle the spiciness of a little pepper.


One bite. Wasn't so bad. Ate the whole lot.


Started chugging on milk. Few of my friends started screaming, then ran outside of the building shouting all the cuss words you could imagine.

Tears started coming out of some guys.

Literally like this...


Next time....if someone ask to try a habenero again...I will go full out..


Or....I might slip some of these to my superiors drink or food at a Drink Session...if they did something horribly wrong...

As I'm waiting for the....explosion to happen...


I'm writing a little entry for you who are those curious about consuming a Habenero...

Hopefully this would all fade away in memory..

Don't quote my quotes!

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