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Delivery By Drone?

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great way for them to get their fancy factory on TV which they never would've done otherwise!

I can see this happening for people in remote communities possibly, or places with large elderly populations in regional areas, but inner city/suburbs there's just too many obstacles to fly around :)

I can't see them getting public liability insurance cleared…heheh

~ salad(s)

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That's awesome. Since this seems to be restricted to large metro areas, my guess on the security question is that there will be live feeds from cameras mounted on each unit such that any problems are quickly noticed. And I doubt we want to know the price tag and thus the potential penalty for trying to take or damage one. They need not be armed. Built-in GPS trackers are a given. And since they don't seem much bigger than recreational aerial RC vehicles already in use (and presumably have modest weight and volume capacities), the FAA can only find so many things to whine about.

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That's good timing for UPS. My totally awesome UPS delivery lady, who's been servicing my area for a couple decades, is retiring next year. If they'd brought the drones out before her retirement I'd be upset. But since no human can replace her, I'd welcome drones.

Regenesis Clan Director | TIGRCS on Origin, Steam, and XFire

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