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I recently was invited to Las Vegas to spend a weekend with Hammer Point Productions to celebrate their 1 year anniversary with their zombie MMO.

Aside from a really good (and extravagant) all expense paid weekend of drinking and engaging my inner dork, I was given 24 free key codes to their Zombie MMO game that I can distribute to anyone I wish.

I've known you guys a while and have played on your server more than 250 times. I'm offering anyone here who wishes to play Infestation: Survivor Stories a free key code.

Know this: The game, its essentially a beat despite their final release name, is constantly being modified by its developers. It has flaws and lacks some depth in its plot. You start with nothing (flashlight and a backpack) and have to acquire all you need by killing Zombies, looting, and- once your savvy- killing other players in stealthy PVP combat.

I am not trying to take anyone away from here or prevent anyone from playing COD4. on NJ's servers (I certainly won't) Its just a good natured offer and I still have 20 key codes to give away.

If anyone would like a code PM via this website.
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Well Hammer Point screwed over its community and pushed away hundreds, if not thousands of players the other day. However, today they ate sh...crow and reverted the global inventory back to being unlimited (you can stock pile weapons until your hearts content). If you have a key code I can't say don' t use it. I will say though, go in with low expectations and be pleasantly surprised. Our private ISS server (All zombie killing, no hackers and no kill on sight) will be rented for at least the next 15 days. The jury for me is still out, but I rent based on the desire of my community,
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Yes. Honestly though the disaster was unfounded. I've been playing the game since it was released in Alpha, bumps are to be expected. The major pitfalls of this gaming company are its presumptions (like the recent limiting of the global general inventory). HammerPoint is an inexperienced development company. I believe they have a good concept for a game and may not know how to steer it to something truly great.

I was a guest of theirs in Las Vegas. Easily they spent 2000-2500 to get me there and keep me for a weekend. It was painfully obvious that they have the money to get this game done right - should they choose to.
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I agree...COD 4 was/is the best of the COD line so far. The best all-time FPS is and was Counter-Strike. Counter-strike was created for PC gamers and ruled the roost with its open development. Literally tons of maps, full featured admin controls, endless plug-ins to customize the servers, and objective oriented gameplay only COD4 has come close to rivaling. BTW Counter-Strike Global Offensive is available on Steam for $14.99. :)

I still enjoy killing zombies though :)
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