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call of duty keyboard problem


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when i started call of duty 4, all the letter keys and the "space" key on my keyboard do not respond but other keys like "enter" or "shift" is ok. Also, the letter keys will respond in other applications and games like left 4 dead. The letter keys only do not respond in call of duty, either 4 or 6. Do any know why this is happening?

I have already reinstalled the game and try with another keyboard, but that doesn't solve the problem.
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The in-game commands are most likely bound to the wrong keys, but if you have reinstalled the game as you said that should have fixed the problem.

Try using the "Reset Controls" option, found at the bottom of the options menu. Other than that, reinstalling the game would fix a game issue, and the fact that the keyboard works in other applications rules out driver issues... I'm stumped.


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Alzs, un-install the game completely and then make sure the config is also deleted by checking in program files to make sure that the Activision folder is gone and all the subfolders too.

Just a plain re-install may not have overwritten the config etc....

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