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I make knives as a hobby. Normally I just trace out a blank and just go at it. I've tried to draw them before but when it comes to hand sketching, I am no artist. I'm taking a CNC machining course so I've gotten a student copy of Solidworks. I've been playing with it for a week or two trying to learn how stuff works, so I've started modeling some prototypes for me to work on. Thought Id share one. I'm still working out some things and I'm terrible at getting good renders, but I think they are finally starting to turn out nice.



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Eh. the one I posted would almost fall into combat knife territory if it weren't so short. Can't really think of much else it would excel at, aside from being a nice pointy object handy when plan A doesn't work. Though I'm putting together another one that might fit the category better. its practically a machete. Didn't realize the overall length till I half finished it.
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