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Neilgmz and jello got banned


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Hi there I was just playing a while ago on NetJam hardcore cod4 server with my friend and we both got banned twice (my friend always got banned first btw) Here's the thing, We are playing together using the same original keycode under the same wifi connection, using 2 different PC's(both are my PC's).

The admins told us its not possible to use same keys at the same time but we just did and we werent using any hacks or whatever, we were just naturally able to use them at the same time and play in the same server. The first time my friend got banned it was because we had the same name/ aliases. Well I had the same aliases in both PC's which was Neilgmz and my friend was rushing and didnt want to change his name before playing.

After talking and explaining to the admins they said they will unban him or us if we dont use the same aliases. So that was done and everything was doing well again and got unbanned. He changed his alias to jello . a few games later my friend got kicked, then banned again . Then i talked to the admins again and asked why . Then i got spanked. Now they said my friend was hacking and i swear he wasnt coz thats my PC he is using and i didnt install any hacks or anything. after that they told me to reconnect and now both of us are permanently banned.

I just dont understand why. the admins that i remember that did the spanking and banning wer NJA- Ruthless, NJA- Gryphus1, and i think NJA-Crush was there too but i'm not sure if he was involved in banning us. This is one of my favorite servers and it would really suck if my keycode is banned and i cant play here anymore. please reconsider.

Thank you
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Gryphus_1 was the banning admin and will address this shortly.
Apologies for the time it has taken.

Also please state what weapon(s) you were using at the time of the ban thank you.

You'll also noticed i've broken your post up into paragraphs. It's much easier to read this way. One big block of txt is never easy to read.

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Hi Steve-O , thanks for the response. From what i remember I used M4 Carbine and AK47 most of the time.
I think my friend jello used M4 too but im not sure coz i wasnt really paying attention to what he used.

Sorry about the first post if it was a mess. Thank you
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I apologize for the delay.

The CD key issue caused some confusion on our end, and since the M4 can be a deceptive at times, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

The ban will be lifted. And again, sorry for the delay. If there's any problems just let me know.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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We're having some issues with our banning software Neil. Sadly this isn't the only instance of this problem at the moment. That said, we are looking for solutions as we speak.

Again we do apologize for the time this has taken, this is extremely unusual. We are doing everything we can to get this resolved as quickly as possible.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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