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Hello from [RE]TIGR

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Hi Net-Jam, my in-game name is [RE]TIGR and you can call me Tig. I'm 26, from Minnesota. [RE]Merfgar and I played in your server (recommended by [RE]echo) this morning with Anubis, Hint Mint, and couple other NJA folks (sorry about forgetting names). I had a good time and your server seemed well-run.

I'm the leader of a small (about 25 members) clan called Regenesis. If you ever have problems with anyone wearing [RE] tags please do let me know. I'm TIGRCS on both Steam and XFire and I will refrain from posting a link to the Regenesis site here as I don't want to advertise on your turf.

Thanks and have a good one. I look forward to good times with you folks.

Regenesis Clan Director | TIGRCS on Origin, Steam, and XFire

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Ty for the post and not advertising, you are welcome here like the rest of your buddies.

Net Jam Admins aka NJA are the admins here we are group of admins and like my self have no issue with clans coming in and having a little fun, our rules are posted on the forums so anyone can read them, if we have an issue with a couple member we don't hold it to the clan as we know there are some that take "fun" to far sometimes so we warn them and then deal with them accordingly but that's enough of that stuff welcome and enjoy.
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Hi Fellas,

Remember adding you on xfire a while back Tig - good to see you still around and hope things are good with Regenesis.

Glad to hear that you guys are enjoying our server, always a pleasure to play host to a group like yourselves.

Catch you on soon,

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I too am glad you made it over to the server and hope you enjoy your stay here. We are allways glad to see new players on the server having fun..


your comment is Greatly appreciated by myself and im sure the rest of the admins. thank you for the words.

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