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Banned For asking questions.......

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Hello there
Ok this is going to sounds strange BUT here we go,

I have just not long ago started a NEW clan and as trying to get some old matters sorted out, I was in the 8th infantry and I wasn't very happy the way things were being run, i had been on your server for a game and the admin in as going on about bout how the 8th didnt like nja WELL I agree I didnt like it and I was asking how to get it sorted, BUT after some time and lack of sleep I left the 8th.
I have started off new and would like to be unbanned and be able to play on your server once again from time to time.
I Dont have any hacks and would never use them.

As I have had a number of followers that also left the 8th and they also have come to FH {Forgotten Heroes}.

My Old BANNED name was {8th}bigG.

I hope we can put there problems behind us and all move on.


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You weren't banned for asking questions you were banned for being a member of the 8th and telling everyone on our server that NJA's were caught hacking and that the 8th have video evidence. Funny that we have never been shown the "evidence".

Anyway, you were banned by NJA-Kovic for membership of the 8th.

882 Ban 1 Thursday, 05/04/2012 (10:38) permanentban Membership of the 8th NJA-Kovic

I see no reason why you cannot be unbanned now that you have left the 8th. We are taking you at your word. We do have connections into the 8th forum and so will soon find out if you are still active with the 8th and if so you will be immediately re-banned.

A couple of points I would like to make.
1. NJA's do not hack. We suspected one admin of being dubious and that person is no longer a member of the NJA team.
2. The 8th admins are extremely inexperienced and to be honest don't have a lot of idea how to admin a server successfully.
3. We were very disappointed to be accused of hacking just because the few NJA's who played on the 8th server were of a higher calibre player than average. The 8th way of doing things is if players are better than the admins then they must be hacking/cheating - a ridiculous wa y of thinking!

You are unbanned - please enjoy our server and we'll have no more said re the 8th and NJA on our server thanks.

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Hey thanks Steve, I here you on all of the about the 8th, That my friend it why Im not there,

I aways enjoyed playing with and against you guys, As you know good admins are hard to find and I understadn what you mean about it.
I have always been on the players side unless i really see things that just cant be.

I think it is important for clans to work closer to rid the cheaters out there.

Thanks again

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Thanks Steve-O

Shagga, You being banned was nothing against you personally, it had to do with who you were associated with.

As Steve-O said, there is no reason why you should stay banned as you are a recent convert :lol:

Welcome back and I look forward to meeting up with you on the gaming grounds. [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]

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