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I was just banned from {8th} they said i was using a wall hack which ive never used in my life. My brother use to play at netjam all the time hes really good just like me. his name is Vashthestampeed. I wonder is this why i was banned?
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8th Clan players are no longer welcome on the Net-Jam Hard Core Server.

I'm sorry to have to tell you that. The 8th clan leadership decided to call all Net-Jam admins cheats and hackers simply because the level of play is higher than the 8th.

We were sad to have to blanket ban the 8th but something had to be done. NJA was being disrespected by the 8th leaders and admins which is something we won't tolerate.

Net-Jam admins DO NOT cheat and never will. They are picked for their abilities in-game, maturity and talent for spotting cheats. Please pass this onto your clan leaders and admins.

If you leave the 8th clan please let us know and we will unban you. Until that happens all 8th players will be permanently banned.

I remember your brother and yes he is a good player and is also good humoured. Please pass on our regards to Vash :lol:

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Thanks for the quick response. I didnt want to leave the {8th} but ive been banned for the same reasons you guys speak of. I would appreciate the ban being lifted i feel no point on wearing there tags cause im no longer welcome on their servers. I really enjoyed netjam im looking forward in being let back in.
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