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Anubis, please don't ban Joe. You kind of misread the situation, Joe and I were teasing each other and calling each other hackers. He didn't say that he will hack the next time before he left, he meant for me to not hack the next time (which i dont do) so please don't ban him :p he didn't do anything wrong really :)
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we only ban hackers here at NJ and ONLY when we see it, I left the game to read the chat logs and I see there was this "joke" but let me put it to you clearly so there is no misunderstandings, hacking on NJ is no joke, we investigate every call someone makes about hackers so if you would like to see what happens when everyone jokes about such thinks read the story "the boy who called wolf".

the intent was innocent and not meant to go like this, so in the furture please stick with knock, knock jokes ty for the post

(no player was banned)
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