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Got a question about those console commands the admins use.

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I was just wondering, where can I find a list of those commands the admins on Netjam use to check for cheaters, I see them using them all the time, like !noc7 !alias2 etc... I know some admins that could use a lesson in how to use these to get rid of cheaters, instead of just spectating and guessing whether someone is cheating.
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Newbster is correct, I was not referring to the Netjam admins, you guys do a great job, which is actually why I came to you to ask the question, simply put, you guys are the best I've seen at differentiating between real hackers, and people who are just really good players playing on a very good computer with surround sound and a gaming mouse.

I'm terribly sorry if my post sounded insulting. This was certainly not my intention.
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Cave, your good bro i dont feel it was insulting as it was not directed to us. As you mentioned I myself mosey on over to other servers every now and again and I am met with very poor adiming. Net Jam takes pride in quality admins to keep the server clean and fun, and therefore found the best admins in my opinion in the CoD4 community.

As far as commands go, it is not important to know them, just find a good clean server and have fun on it.

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Hi Cavesloth,

We use an admin tools system called B3 and this is where the commands come in. They are not standard COD4 console commands. Our B3 runs on a separate server in parallel for want of a better term.

The NJA's are right in that only NJA's are able to use them although you may use the !nextmap command to see what the next map is.

The tools we use do not determine whether a player is cheating. NJA's do spectate hackers and act accordingly. We handpick our admins because they display the talent and skill required to spot hacks/cheats. Each NJA has to know what recoil each weapon has for no recoil hacks and needs to be able to accurately spot a wallhack, this is the most difficult to spot. Prospective NJA's are watched to see if they have the necessary skills and nominated and need to be seconded by other NJA's.

I read your post as, you know of some admins who admin another server who could use some help. Well we tried to assist another admin team recently and the experience wasn't pleasant. I really don't think we'll be helping any other admins. I guess what I am saying is in a roundabout sort of way is that B3 will not help your admin friends spot hackers, they have to learn that skill over time and with experience. And also being a good admin is also about temperament. Flying off the handle helps no one.

However, what I can say is, get your admin friends to research B3 (http://www.bigbrotherbot.net/).

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Anubis wrote:
to be honest don't bother playing anywhere that doesn't have an NJA badge seal of approval and since this is the highest level of awesomeness to get no one but the NJA here on NJ have them :)

Man, if someone from any other server but ours saw this post...:p

Such a good impression. I'm sure they would love all of us immediately lol
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I'm a good friend of Cave's and I'd just like to second that you guys have great admins. I thought Netjam died when I started playing again, obviously you just switched servers. It's a breathe of fresh air playing on the server again. We went to a couple other servers where if you're score is good, you must be hacking. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for those kind and encouraging words Cave and Dispair they are really appreciated [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]

We do our best to keep the server free of hackers.

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