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  1. Dispair


    I'm going to China for a month boys. You're going to have to live without my profanity and utter pwnage for a while! Pwn on!
  2. Can you guys please release a list of curse words, just so I know which words I can/can't use. For instance, in some circles words like gay are acceptable etc. I just don't want to accidently cross the line!
  3. Of course I will adhere to the rules, I enjoy the server and the people that play on it. However, your characterization of people that use profanity as bad is not even remotely close to accurate. I'm sorry you have such a close minded view of communication. That being said, now I have to pwn you even harder when I'm on
  4. Oh I see. So by your definition some of the most prolific people in history are childish, ill-mannered, inappropriate, immature, selfish and disrespectful of self and others? Let me list a few ignorant historical figures who meet your criteria. Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Oscar Wilde, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, John. F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Bernard Montgomery, Gen. George S. Patton, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Is famously recalled as being profane to the head of the DNC when Truman told him he didn't want to be the vice presidential nominee)... These are just a few historical figures that have been noted for using profanity. I will count myself amongst the "ignorant", for I am in good company. Words are only as powerful as you make them, obviously you give them quite a bit of power.
  5. The ban for cursing is silly and senseless. If a kid is playing a violent video game where they vicariously kill people then they can handle mature language. The argument "Women and Children play here too" is immature... Humorously calling Fierce a cunt shouldn't result in a nights ban. -Dispair
  6. Hostility is not in my nature Sarcasm is.
  7. Shit, I did typo, baddie!
  8. Favorite: P90 P90 P90 P90 P90 P90 P90 Best: P90 P90 P90 P90 P90 P90 P90 Every once in a while an M4...
  9. I think the time has come to play low slow and K/D intensive... Fierce looks way too cozy at the top of the list...
  10. http://heroesofnewerth.com/spotvid_splash.php Nuff said.
  11. Dispair

    Clan Wars

    Well that answers the question lol.
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