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{SA}CL|ghost banned by accident

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Dear Net-Jam Members,

Today I have been banned where it looks like it may of been a glitch or by accident. There was a player named THEBEST that had been spamming each time that he had killed a player. The software was in the process of warning him of this and gave him the 3 strike rule at the same time he had killed me twice in a row. By doing so it looks like the software had somehow confused me as being the one that had the spam setup or an admin may have input the wrong number when banning someone. Anyhow Alpha can back my and my actions when playing in your server and it is nothing but respect to members and to other players. It is not my server so I don't give directions to non-members unless asked too for questions regarding rules of your server.

To Admin,

Can someone please un-ban me from your server because it did not do a temp ban but a perm ban which I find odd but nevertheless figured ISH happens and left it at that.

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It was I who banned you and this was a mistake. I miss-read the koncept and for some reason was thinking it was you using it when you got killed. I know you were not and I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Steve-O please unban him this was my mistake.

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Okay then,

Thank you all for the update and I guess as Steve-O has suggested that I will patiently wait for the un-ban from Newbster.

Note* As of 17:50 i am currently still banned from your server.

A sniper knows that in order to get the perfect kill shot, he is willing to patiently wait as long as it takes until the moment presents itself.

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Thanks again!

FYI - I had been told to note this to this post.

As of 16:48 on 05-22-12 I am still receiving the message error "You are Permanently Banned From This Server".

Thank you all for your dedication to get this issue resolved for me!!!!

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No worries and it seems the issue has now been resolved. I have checked the server and as of 05-23-12 at 20:00 I am now able to log back in to server.

Thanks for staying on top of this until the issue has been resolved. It is greatly appreciated!

{SA} it's how I roll,

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