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Been banned from COD4 net jam server

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No you weren't hacking... what i did see was an alias of NJA-MotherFuc!

If you're not sure what an alias is, it's a name you have previously used on the NJ HC Server.

Not impressed, players who use our tags get banned from this server.

Name: ArseneLupin IP:
Client id: @ 10007 Connections: 86
group_bits ( Un-registered ) First seen: Friday, 01/10/2010 (07:13)
GUID: (No GUID available) Last seen: Monday, 14/05/2012 (15:38)
PB-GUID 405d02940dde5ff2a63d03e173b72761 Greeting:
Echelon Admin Functions below


ID Level
Used Aliases:
9 lives ( 3 x) - Shantaram ( 1 x) - NJA-MotherFuc! ( 1 x) - Big Daddy ( 1 x) - Wipe out ( 1 x) - Jerk off ( 1 x) - stupidSNAKE ( 1 x) - jerkSNAKEoff ( 1 x) - jerkSNAKE ( 1 x) -

As a regular I would have expected a little more respect for NJA than that.

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OK, you have learnt a harsh lesson. I will unban you but will keep an eye on your aliases and so will the NJA's who read this post (most NJA's will read it).

So please be on your best behaviour and that means no offensive language on the server.
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