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So the dark ages have ended and God. has returned.

Ill have to say after playing alot of Bf3 on my new build (that wasnt cheap) cod4 looks quite dated.

But Diablo 3 has a few days till release so Ill probably be on the server from now. (d3 seems to be pretty good from the beta I tried)
Its not hacks its divine intervention ;) (or just logic)

I do miss how in cod4 you can shoot through almost any wall. In bf3 the bullets seem to be made of paper, with some exceptions for wooden destructable scenery and corrigated iron fences.

Current build:
>asrock extreme 4 gen 3
>64gb SSD
>GTX 580
>8GB Kingston RAM
>Antect 920 H2O
>Win7 ultimate (installed on the SSD, im not that silly ;) )

Bit of overkill for cod4, but it plays everything real smooth.

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