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Banned again...

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was banned about 1 year ago from yalls server for "wallhack", fought a little with you guys for an unban. i was unsuccessful on that. so ya... got banned again under the alias "poobie", check my xfire (nathanv69) i have over 3k hours, also multiple league experience on my guid if you look it up. i love yalls server, love the people in it, just hate getting banned for false accusations.
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You walled me one time in map Crossfire where I have never seen someone shoot thru this section of wall before it’s possible you had UAV, but when I was specing you, you would track players through the walls, (not all the time), no UAV is going to do that!

One of our regular players called you for wall hacking during this same map, so another player is saying the same thing, got shot thru the wall. I spoke to this player briefly and he is sure you were hacking. I suspect there were others…..

You have an unbelievable ability to predict when spawn changes occur, at the exact moment they occur, then change direction to go towards the new spawn.

A second admin also speced you during another map Broadcast and I quote “you are prefiring on walls, around corners and knowing where to aim, if not a wall hack then continuous UAV”. I concur completely, wall hack or continous UAV.

If you can clarify these things up, or give complete explanations other than ’false accusations, 3k hours of play time and multiple league experience.” I will be happy to entertain the possibility this might have been a mistake, mistakes are made, if you can cast enough doubt in my observations I might lift the ban, but I cannot speak on behalf of the other Admin.
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I cannot clarify all of these things completely, it's just how i play. alot of those wallbangs are from: radar, set wallbangs i've learned, or just from plain sound (wich is also with the prefiring around corner).
i know that sounds sketchy, but hey, that's my story and i'm sticking too it.
i have never cheated in a video game on my life (THEY'RE FOR FUN!) nor do i condone people cheating at all.
please consider my unban, it would mean alot to me, but if you cannot, i understand. :(
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I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt on some of the walling, and it is very possible you are playing sound well. But when you walled me I was not in a section that is learned to shoot, and I was not moving so sound did not come into play. I am going to let that go because I have a bigger issue, like your ability to predict exactly when the spawns change.

I did not ban on two maps because I was not 100 percent sure, you were banned on the third map by the advice of a second admin. I will talk this over with him, and my feeling is he will leave this decision up to me. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt and unban you but I have two concerns, the continuous UAV and one other issue that deals with our banning policy, which I will not discuss in general forums.

I will give you my decision in a couple days, Alpha.
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To sum everything up, the ban was on the third map and that’s what matters, the prior occurrences on the
two previous maps are a non issue regarding the ban.

You were speced by a second admin as mentioned and we are confident the right call was made, the
ban stays, Alpha.
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