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Banned. Again...

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Was banned today (may 7th) sometime in the afternoon.

I joined server, shot four people, and was banned. Nothing was said to me and no reason was given for the ban. It would be nice to know why. I don't cheat and I don't say anything in the chat, so I am a little perplexed as to why I was banned.

SGT_JD was present at the time, perhaps he/she knows.

Name: MM|_noMnoM_
GUID: 92bb2886
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At the time of the ban you were playing under the name ".eg//panzer_ "

You were not banned for any form of cheating, so you are correct you don't cheat. But, as for not saying anything in chat....well our records show differently.

You were kicked before the ban for "being an idiot"... You for some reason I do not Know would not stop blocking me, and constantly knifing me, while on the same team, therefore I kicked you.

You came right back, then you pushed the line...

You said to me "Kovic youre a fucking nigger"

Swearing is not allowed on Net-Jam, that is not a banning offense, however, with that statement you succeeded in using inappropriate language, racial slur, and disrespected every player on the server, yourself, and an admin....me.

This server is to be friendly to all, you have shown your character, and I for one do not appreciate it, as well as others I'm sure

I will not unban you.

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