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Doovid97: I was banned and I don't know why.

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Hey, guys.
Last night at around 12:00am (Aus time) i was unexpectedly and permanently banned from your net-jam HARDCORE server on the COD4 pc game. As far as I know, I haven't broken any rules. I am very new to playing online (only a few days) so I don't really know how to see the rules or what the standard rules for a server are.

Maybe an hour before I was banned, I (purposefully) switched teams from my (losing) team to the winning team right at the end of a match. Like I said before, I don't know the rules and the more I think about it, the more I think that this was probably against the rules and is most likely what got me banned.

I never have used any cheats, mods, or anything and I don't plan on using them ever. It takes the fun out of the game for me. I was really disappointed when I was banned because your server is the only (good) server that I can connect to (my internet may be a bit dodgy). So if you could please tell me why I was banned I would love to speak to you again.

Thank you very much for reading,
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Well, this is strange. maybe another admin can help me out with a few of these problems....
In NJHIT this is what I see "Banned by an Echelon WebAdmin (by mini) " Monday, 07/05/2012 (11:14) Penalty type TempBan
1st of all... I don't remember banning him
2 : I have NEVER temp ban
3 : It doesn't say NJA-mini, so am I really responsible?

bare with us Doovid, while we sort this out.
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I believe you were banned by accident the other night when there was a name changer on the server. I'm not the banning admin so I can't unban you at this point but I'm sure you will be back playing with us soon.
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Oh, and one more thing to note;
Just prior to my banning, I was using a nade launcher A LOT which I have recently discovered from another user that this is against the rules. I am about to read all of the rules to make sure that I haven't broken an more.

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Hi Doovid97,
I accidentally banned you on Sunday morning, while chasing down a wall hacker. I got the slot numbers mixed up, please understand this was my mistake and by no means were you doing something wrong. I immediately removed the ban, and you should have been able to rejoin the server in a few minutes.. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I also see a temp ban on Monday, not sure the reason it could have been for the tube, but the temp ban has been lifted/expired so you should be able to join the server. Let us know if you have any problems rejoining the server.
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Hello Doovid,

One thing from myself. In your aliases I found the name NJA-Wabdin. I would ask that you refrain from using admin names on the server, as that is something we will often ban for.

Understandable though, who wouldn't want to be me?

Take it easy bud,


Added by Steve-O: It was a name changer.
ps, we all dream of being you Wab..... hehehe not! :d
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I have lifted all bans (about 3 hours ago) using the in-game !unban command and B3 did lift a permanent ban.

Can i just respectfully re-iterate to all admins, if it's not your ban (this one was Alphas) then please don't post. Let the banning admin address or if need be the moderators.


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