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Pengwin to join the Marines.

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So as many of you may know I am about to take a little trip on down to San Diego to have a good time full of song and merriment. The name of the place is Camp Pendleton and their objective is to make a Marine out of me.

So I have obliged to some requests to deliberate on what I will be doing in the Corps.


5th Battalion 14th Marine Division 'Oscar' Battery

"Be advised! Death from a distance raining down. Courtesy of the kings of battle!"

My MOS is 0844 Artillery Fire Control. In essence, I am the brains of the artillery. The grunts on the field will have a forward observer who calls in artillery support. I receive the grids from the observer, punch them into a computer and analyze a GPS or maps. It'll be my job with those grids to make sure the rounds land where they need to, and not on our own troops or cause collateral damage. Once the grids are good to go, I radio them to the guns and we set to work on what we do best, rain destruction upon our foes!
Fire fight in Fallujah, aided by artillery firing a very expensive but very lethal laser guided round.
Deployment montage from 'November' battery in my division.
My very own 'Oscar' battery on a direct fire mission at 29 Palms, CA.

Semper Fidelis.

"""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle" - Gryphus_1

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Damn that's awesome and i wish the best of luck to you. My Brother is 22 and infantry in the marines and has successfully been accepted into scout sniper school so he is stoked. Well anyways I have much respect to you and all other service members. good luck down there.

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I graduated marine boot camp almost exactly 3 years ago, and its been a fun ride so far.

Just be ready for a very big transitional period. For instance, I am an Aviation Ordnance Technician (ordie :p ) Which means I build bomb and missile systems for F/A 18's (like after a 5 kill streak in COD) but it before I built my first live bomb it was 3 months of boot camp, 1 month of combat training, 9 months of schooling, and 4 months to get deployed, and that is considered fast among my MOS.

just a quick word about boot camp. It is not what you expect it to be. It is not all motivation, screaming, pull up's and CQC training. the commercial's and movie's lie. 80% of your time will spent being frustrated because all the drill instructors seem to do is mess with you due to boredom. Not to say it's easy at all, because they will get real creative in how they mess with you.

But there was no prouder moment in my life than when a my sergeant handed me my Eagle, Globe and Anchor, and said "Congratulations...Marine"

Good Luck and semper Fi.
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