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AdolphMarx perma banned...


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I banned you for Wall Hack. No UAV on and yet you were tracking people through buildings and were able to get snipers hiding out in corners. You tracked me really well running up the stairs and then nailing me before I even reached the window. Map we were playing was overgrown.
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Seriously? This is like fusion all over again, lol. It would seem the most I can do at the moment is thank you for the compliment as I don't need cheats to perform the way I did. I'm unfamiliar with the appeal process for this server, is there anything more I can do apart from proclaiming my innocence? I don't cheat, it's just easy to track some people more than others and sometimes I just get lucky. Some of the easiest ones lurk in corners near the place they last spawned. It's really easy to take educated guesses as well as hit some high traffic areas on your way about the maps. 4/5 of my custom classes have bandolier/stopping power/deep impact for just such playing. Perhaps another review of my demo is in order? I know in the end my ban is up to you guys but I can't stress enough that you have made a mistake here.
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