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Banned for RPG?


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Ok so heres the story. NJA-Anubis gets mad at me for using an RPG in Vacant because i killed him in his camp spot twice. with it. and than bans me agian for sending 1 down the hall and killing some random guy. I thought we could use rpgs? and No i was not Spamming rpg the whole time. the only time i would use it is when i knew someone was camping or i saw someone on uav coming up the hall. i dunno if anubis was havin a rough time in that map. but to ban me for killing you WHILE CAMPING BEHIND A DESK with an rpg was just stupid man. i respect you guys for doing what you do. but come on. if i cant use an rpg than why have it usable? why not just add it to the rules along with tubing?

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thankyou for taking the time to post but i would like to clear up a few things up with you,
1. you have been temp banned not banned
2. i was not camping
3. you failed to mention that it was said 3 times to stop the spam, (over two maps) and also kicked before being temp banned.

Deezenutz you came back from your kick with disrespect to me and said you would not follow the rules of RPGs in moderation, I have gone through your past kicks and noticed you also have an issue with swearing so plz take this time to reflect on what has happened and follow our rules and you won't have any problems.

Added by NJA-Steve-O:

Deeze, RPG usage is not a hard and fast rule. However, it is at admins discretion and if an admin asks you to moderate your use of the rpg then do so as was requested by NJA-Anubis. Notice the key words here "moderate" and "admins' discretion".
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Lol when did i swear? and yes i said i was going to continue the use of RPG because i was not spamming the use of it. like i said in my first post. the only time i would use if i knew someone was camping a spot that would be difficult to kill with a gun. so using an RPG was the only way to kill you. you sat behind that desk 3 times. you killed me twice running by and than i killed you with an rpg. than you whent back to that same spot. so i used the rpg agian. than you got mad and asked me to use it moderately. so my question is. why couldnt i use my RPG against you while your camping behind an object? to me thats using it moderately. and Vacant is the only map i ever use RPG so No you didnt warn me before vacant. i may have come off with some disrespect after you kicked me and im sorry for that. but i was mad at the time for you sayin i was spamming rpg. when i really wasnt.
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Thankyou for the reply, it seems you dont understand the word moderation, in simple words "less" the map vacant has alot of areas that you hold up behind so for you to say you only use it when people are behind objects that a gun cant reach means you do use it to much, you also were one of the others that used it on the map before in the barthroom, and that was over the top, if you fail to undestand what moderation is how can you tell what camping is on a small map?

Please be advised the use of the words "homo" and "pussy" is offencive and classed as swearing, even if its towards a hacker or a rule braker, two wrongs dont make it right. This is the banned forums if u still have an issue take it to the correct channels not here as you are not banned.
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