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I'm gonna start with the bottom line.
Bottom line is, I'm a guest on your server and rules are rules. When I'm there, it's only natural I follow the rules.

And I did.

Your admin at the time asked me to mind my language. I said "omfg" after getting shot in the face with a shotgun.
Apparently acronyms count as foul language too assuming his interpretation of the acronym was correct.
I complied.

Feeling the need to express my frustration later, I wrote "Fudge". Later I wrote "Holy Chocolate". This earned me a talking to.

A video game based on war, where voice-actors in the game say "damn" and "asses", where you shoot someone and see blood explode on the wall behind them, where the animation of death is so uncannily realistic. This is clearly an environment for adults. So I hope your rule is not created to protect children's eyes and ears.

My use of Fudge and Holy Chocolate, is obviously a goofy way of speaking my mind without breaking any rules. And although I was neither kicked nor banned from the server, I felt that I had to come here and let it be known that we all need to lighten up. If using the word Chocolate is going to bother an admin so much that he will stop playing to speak to me, then all hope is lost.

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I really don't think we have a problem with the acronyms "wtf" and "omfg". Also "Fudge" and "Holy chocolate" should not be getting you a talking to.

I apologise shinobi for the actions of an over zealous admin. However, don't let your language or behaviour go beyond this.... thx.

The admin who gave shinobi "a talking to", please lighten up a little.

We're all here to have fun and as admins we are to enforce the rules yes but not to stop players from enjoying themselves.

The obvious swear and cus words are not tolerated as are mis-spellings of those same words. I think we can lighten up a little on those acronyms....

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That admin that gave Shinobi a "talk to" was me Steve-O. He's right that I told him that he should lay off the acronyms as well because at the time he was playing there could have been children playing. And although an acronym is "technically" not a bad word but rather a shorten version of it, at that time of the night I felt it was inappropriate. If it would have been just once or sporadically throughout the game it would have been different, however, this was not the case in this instance.

Having said that; this gentleman, when he was alone was happy to oblige with my requests, but once his friend decided to join us in the game, he rather took my instructions as a cautionary warning to a blunt mockery of what I was merely asking him to cease with the excess of the acronyms. He started mocking to what I had said and this is when he started to use the words "fudge" and "chocolate" not as an expression of his game playing but rather to my simple request. I saw it as unnecessary and quite frankly as disrespecting an admin. He really didn't "technically" do anything wrong, which is the reason why I didn't take any further actions. However, this doesn't mean that he can come and mock an admin on our server and think he can get away with it just because he is staying outside of using foul language. I really held back on this one because I felt that by kicking or banning for disrespect I would cause the other players on the game to think that I was being abusive of my admin powers. However, if this gentleman believes that he can come in and start mocking us without insults won't earn him a good kick in the posterior next time he comes around he is sadly mistaken.

On the positive side I must thank him for taking this up in our forums and not continue to spam our servers further.

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