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Unban Request


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Hi Net Jam, i am |HuN||Firefly|.

I got banned From the Server for No reciol,

i ask that he brings forth his eveidence and ill do the same.

Id like to be unbanned because i dont cheat!

Thanks, Firefly (Kat to remember me)
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So you not only used a no recoil hack, you tried to bluff me into thinking you had evidence that showed no hack, which means you also lied to me.

I'm sorry but it will take me some time to even start to believe that you will not cheat again. You have been a regular on this server for long enough to know exactly how we feel about cheats.

I will not unban you!

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Hahaha whattt?? I'm sorry admins I know I'm not supposed to post on things like this but I can't take this guy. Anyways, whyyy would they unban you when you first of all lie and clearly HACK. The banning admin clearly said your not gonna get unbanned and then you post somthin like you just did? Like whaaaat???? Again sorry but just wow.
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