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Appreciation ..

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I appreciate how NetJam has taken the time to allow us to play --

NetJam is a great server and I just have recently started to play here because it is a Team-Death match server ...

I come from the {8th} server - it is a FFA so playing here is new for me -(FFA is all I have been playing for the past three months) so I look forward to playing TDM-- lol (SHUT UP THANDRS!) Heee hehehe haha -- my inner voice !!!

I look forward into getting to know you guys -- Thank you mates!!
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Hey there and Welcome. I happened accross you FFA server about a week ago and pop in there now and again for some all out carnage. Your team as well runs a good server. Cant wait for some team play with you all on the best Team DM server around...

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