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Domer :(


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lol i was playing with domer and lunar for like 3 games then domer started talking to me i kinda knew i was going to get banned with the whole how ya doin thing. Loved the server but atleast lemme know why i got banned -.-

My name was imJohn
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You are correct, we played for about 2 maps and I was watching you for about 1 1/2 of them. I'm not really quick to ban anyone and you were no exception. Your reaction times were very slow, but you kept tracing people through walls and would come out of corners aiming at the enemy without having UAV. There were more than enough "sketchy" kills to ban you sooner than I did, but I decided to keep watching you just in case. Why would you think you were getting banned when I was just saying how ya doing? You weren't particularly a "good" player, but you definitely played like someone who was walling. Lunar also spec'd you and I would say agreed with me. I believe ruthless was with me as well, but I'm not quite sure whether he was specing you at any point.

Anyways, I'll let Lunar chime in as well, if he wants to give you another chance we'll unban you. It's usually up to the banning admin whether he wants to lift your ban or not, but I want another admins opinion on this. I'll ask him and get back to you.
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well thanks anyway, i hope you do unban me because i really do enjoy the server, but if you still think i cheat in anyway, it's okay and i respect your decision. But to be honest i dont hack at all :| i even have a youtube channel but i dont have too much PC content to actually prove im not hacking. Anyways Have a nice day :))
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Well, I'll tell you what. I haven't talked to lunar yet, but I will lift your ban. I'm probably the last guy to unban someone I banned permanently, because to me I find that pointless. Why ban if I'm just going to unban him later... Anyways, I feel like being nice for once and will lift your ban. I really hope you aren't lying and are not hacking. Be aware that we will keep an eye out for you if we see anything suspicious going on.
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