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Hello, i thought maybe i could get some help here. I always play in your server but recently had to re format my hard drive. Is there a way to swap a save file so that i can be back up to level 55 again. I did it once before with windows xp. But seems it doesnt work with windows 7. I was trying to do switch a MPDATA file but was getting a error message when i start cod4. I went ahead and uninstalled it again and im now re install the game. Any ideas what i can do?
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Put in the profile and play on a server before applying any game updates. To prevent everyone from sharing profiles IW made the profiles specific to the installation as of one of their updates (I don't remember which).


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Ok thanks i will try that. As of right now i just got the game fixed. I had to re download the game from steam because as soon as i turned on multi-player i would get a error message. It would say that COD4 has stopped working. But turns out that all i had to do was connect something into the MICROPHONE slot. This solved the problem. Now ill try and look into the save file.
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Hello MOZ,

Always backup your players folder which you will find two maybe three levels into your activision folder.

When you re-install your game create a player name, play for a minute or two, then quit and overwrite the new players folder with the one you have backed up. As long as you are using the same CD key you should retain your stats, custom weapons builds and level.

I actually backup my whole Activision folder and overwrite the new installed folder straight away. This has always worked for me.

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