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Flick Spamming Chat

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When guests spam accusations over and over at each other and are disruptive enough that other players start to tell them to shut up and then are warned by an admin to please stop spamming chat, I suggest you stop. No, "one last thing", no, " and by the way". When an admin says ,"drop the subject or take a 5 minute break" AND YOU KEEP GOING, that's at the very LEAST a kick (which is what Flick got today). and you should feel lucky to not recieve a temp ban.

I realize as a relative new player to our server, Flick, you may feel a certain entitlement to say whatever you like as long as you like. I can only assure you that endless bickering isn't allowed.

The fact that you threatened me and had a snide comment as you left the server only wets my appetite to see what you have to say. I eagerly anticipate what your possible excuse is for your behavior.

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Same here am Wendneyday there were 2 players form the same "clan" sD... or Ds....
They were not only talking for time to time it was a regular chat!

I asked once for "more pew pew less bla bla" they didnt respond, then i told them they shuld stop spaming and chage to chat4free but they didnt again listen!
After the third time i habe asked both to stop chating and play i recieved a STFU and kicked one of them from the server!

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