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Defiler Aim bot

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Hacker: Defiler

Time and Date: March 14 10:15 EST

Hack: WH and Aimbot


I have submitted this guy before under a different name, he is a repeat offender.  As he aimbots he holds his weapon at a 45 degree angle.  Most people playing this for any amount of time know how to get around any of your bans. 


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The below demo is probably the same guy.  You should know before I demo'd Defiler, there was a waller in game under Uberslork's. name. this demo below he is using esjrOP's name.  Identity Theft and Fraud, who would of thought it would be a problem in video games lol.  


Anyway, I doubt you guys can stop this guy, might as well just not ban him. 

Besides GUID and IP banning, there are options available, but you won't like them.


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