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Dusty is out and about

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Dang - I think I need to see about working at your company DDR!  You get to travel to some really awesome places. (Hiring a storage engineer perhaps? haha (dying breed thanks to da cloud!))


I have not been in-game lately.  I guess I have what has been coined as "Boxer's fracture" in that my left hand/pinky joint has been hurting for weeks now.  I am just taking a break from all FPS games  Hoping for the pain to go away.... getting olden here lol.  Take care.

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I doubt we’re hiring a storage manager my brother.  But I’d love to show you around some of these towns and pop in to a few watering holes.  

It’s a life, and there’s money in it, but the relationship with my wife and kids Is essentially over the phone / face time.  

Every pro has it’s con, every positive has its negative, every blessing has it’s curse and trailing a few steps behind every angel, is a demon.  

We’ll see how this story ends. I got about 12 chapters left and probably about 20-30 laps of this spinning blue marble yet to do.  

Be on the lookout for some data dumps in my free cloud you know about, which will include the trip featured above and more, in the next 1-5 days. 

Stick With It. 

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Will do master traveler! :classic_biggrin:


Ugh, olden age sucks.  This hand 'issue' just won't go away.  I guess if I put a splint on it and became a 'vegetable' for some number of weeks, maybe I'll have a chance.  


If you ever happen to come to the Orange county/San Diego county areas in California, hit me up!  I know every good place there is around here, and most importantly - the breweries that matter!



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