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Have been moved to the admin forum....

A few words about becoming NJA.

To be an admin you have to be spotted by an NJA and nominated.

Easiest thing to do is download mumble and install it and then join us on our mumble server via the link on the right side of the homepage on this site. We can get to know you and also apart from us thinking you're ok and fit in, you can prove to us by spotting cheats......

We also like our admins to be 21+ years old.

Thx for posting...


Ps. You managed to spam your post all over the place. Please refrain from doing that.... I removed all of them and moved the one post to the admin forum for all admins to read :-)

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You are correct Ray to a certain degree, English only is not strictly a rule on the server. However, we are an English speaking team and Net-Jam (HARDCORE) is a US based server. Our admins come from a variety of countries - USA, Australia, England, Germany, Philippines, Vietnam.

But yes we do only speak English on our mumble server as the common language to all.
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With all due respect that's their perogative. However, NJ is a US based server which is why the language spoken is English.

Of course French people prefer not to speak English when they are in France, French is their native language lol :d :lol:
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Steve-O, when you say that 99% of the servers population, are you including Ace? "cause I find that hard to believe. I was actually thinking of bringing YOU in as an interpreter. THAT'S how dire the situation is...I wonder if'n I should bring in Wabbly to interpret for YOU. Kinda a daisy chain of incomprehensible accents.

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