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lebigbentheory wh 18/04/23


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i would like to defiantly say that the only reason im playing bad here is because of this new mouse i bought, its not as compatible with my grip as id have expected, if i were using my old mouse i wouldnt have died that many times its actually embarassing

so embarrassing that i felt the need to say this so people wont wonder why my aims so bad lol

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Thanks Blodshot.  Well, I recorded this player back on April 8th, 2023.  I was initially looking for a WH confirmation but didn't feel like what I recorded could prove that.  However, seeing your post and demo made me think about it again, and I am wondering (in the case of what's captured in my demo) if there is some kind of aim assist going on?    I know another high profile was recently banned for using AA and I'll admit I am no expert at noticing it being used.  But this player had no trouble instantly shooting and killing players across a good distance.  Just adding my demo of this player to be supportive but it was not conclusive to me for WH but would like to see if I am onto something regarding the aim assist.




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hello hello, it is i, lebigbentheory. i dont hack or cheat or aim assist or use anything of the sort or ever will, if you would like me to explain my thought processes and anything else id be happy to clear up any specific issues you find thinking i use a hack here or a hack there

my aims better in turbos demo because this was when i was still using my old mouse

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Hi Obi-Wan.  I don't intend to get too involved here except to just mention that I am actually not an NJ admin or moderator.  I'm only a member, and I also possess a member!  That is the only power I have here (my member).  :classic_blink:

As I mentioned above, I never submitted the original demo I recorded because I didn't feel that it showed the evidence the admins would need to see in order to confirm a WH scenario.  Eventually, an admin will likely review these demos then they decide whether the demo captured something illegally occurring or not.  The admins are VERY fair here and they have other access levels I do not have to conduct a more detailed review.  





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