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Console issues help needed


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I am the FNG (playing about 8 or 10 weeks) and am trying to get back into playing COD again after a long hiatus.  I used to play a lot and I guess I got burnt out along with other life's distractions. I spent 2 years (2017 - 2019) back at the local Tech Collage taking a motorsports class. Built a lot of small projects but the goal was to build a full chassis for my 1956 Ford F-100 pick-up. Got it done with fully adjustable NASCAR road race style suspension and brakes. Got it home in June of 2019 and my health started downhill. By the spring of 2020 I had already had Covid in February, but my overall wellness was continuing to deteriorate. Tried to play a little COD on a tactical server for about 5 or 6 weeks.  May brought pain in the ribs and a trip to the emergency room. Gallbladder 100 percent gan green. Doctor said I was withing 3 days of death. I said Well it just started hurting yesterday. Sadly, the big dose of anesthesia stole a lot of my memory from me. So, I can't remember what the game options are to make things happen Mainly I would like to be able to record what appear to be hackers,

I have been an Admin in other clans, and I wouldn't expect anybody to be banned on hearsay. I have recorded players and gone through the banning process quit a few times in the past. I was hoping someone might know why I don't have an "enable console" option. 

I Followed the instructions in the provided link. When I use the tilde key in game to open the console it shows game options. When I open game options it shows 5 options. 


Show Blood                            turned off

Show overlay                        turned off

Clan Tag                                 This says Steam Required

Player Name                          My name is in place 

Enter Key code                     This is blank


Nowhere does it offer an enable console option.   I am running Windows 10 and it shows updated to version 1.7 I was curious so I tried recording someone today just to see if it would record and it wouldn't.


I have opened game options before entering the game and it still shows the same 5 options. I used to know all the secret codes but sadly the memory loss issues in recent have left no recall of any console settings. I have played this game a long time and I know the difference between a good player and a hacker. Although it appears that the hacks have gotten a lot more sophisticated. I play a lot in the early morning hours, Midnight to noon. I almost never see an NJ member playing or in spectate. But I see suspicious actions out of some common players that I don't see when a NJ tag is in game. Quit a difference in scores and in the amount of bitchin. 


Thanks to anyone for any help in resolving this. I would be submitting a couple of players that need eyes on them when they think that nobody cares what's going on.

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It sounds like you're on the cracked 1.8x version of the game. Many servers force-download this version of the game onto your machine when you connect (much like malware) and it overwrites your game files (more info here). I highly recommend fully uninstalling and deleting all Call of Duty 4 files from your computer and re-installing the official 1.7 version of the game. I don't consider the 1.8x version to be safe.

If you have the game through steam, there are additional steps which you can find here.

If you're still having troubles after ensuring you're on the official 1.7 version of the game, let us know and we'll see if we can help further.


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Thank you for the reply.

I have looked and can only find 1.7 in my downloads but what you are saying about it being a forced download makes sense. I have a friend that will have to do this for me as soon as he gets some free time. I don't trust myself with this type of thing anymore.


As far as Steam goes, I have a Steam account but cannot figure out how to access it. I tried for several days when I was trying to get COD up and running again but no luck.


When I started back, I played for 2 weeks before I figured out which button made you run. Sad but true. I was determined to figure it out myself and finally did.


Thanks again


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