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Demos and Wallhacks

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From the short time I was allowed on your server by far Wallhacks (or suspected wallhacks that is) were the most banned offense. Now I understand that most of the people the Net Jam Admins banned were hacking quite clearly, however there were definitely some questionable bannings.

Your stance on demos for regular players is rather good, as you require them for regular players on the server, however sometimes those who are banned for suspected hacking have not played on the server for long, so they are not considered regulars.

From looking through some of the ban threads I have seen a couple of the wallhack bans be overturned once the demo is thoroughly reviewed and the kills proven legitimate. This is great for regular players who have been wrongly accused and banned, however this option is not possible for non-regular players as no demo is required for the ban.

My suggestion, is that all suspected (not obvious i.e. might be one/might not be) wallhacks be recorded through the demo function (doesn't have to be long, just evidence to prove/disprove) so they can be later viewed so the player if he/she has been wrongly accused would have the chance to prove the accusation false.

Anyway this just a suggestion so take it as you will.
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We appreciate your thoughts on this Bin. To be quite honest, we don't have the time or the patience to record every offence be it Wallhack or otherwise that occurs on the server.

We have thousands and thousands of players who come through the server. I would say that the bans each month go into the several hundreds. Whilst some of these may well be mistakes, most aren't.

NJA-Ruthless_1 actually dropped the ban hammer on you but we both decided on the ban. I'm sure Ruthless won't mind giving you another chance on the server as I think you have thought about this and your post is well put even though this is not an appeal.....

So play clean and if we see any dubious play again, i'm afraid it will be curtains for you as far as playing on the Net-Jam server...

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Thank you Steve-O, this was never meant to be an appeal for me or even about my situation. I was just merely suggesting a way to fix a very small and arguably insignificant problem/hiccup in your current system that affects only probably a few people per month.

Again the admin force on the Net Jam server is one of the finest I've ever seen there is almost always one on to police the server which is good. Bear in mind that this suggestion only applies to the people whom you must spec for 2 maps just to come to the conclusion that they might have a wallhack, not every single one by a long shot. Just like an insurance thing so if the banning admin wanted to go back and watch it to make sure they made the right decision then they have that option, that is all I'm saying.

I can't image the amount of hackers you must go through while running a popular server w/o PB running so I can also see what you mean by little to no patience, in fact I'm dumbfounded you have patience at all left by the end of the day.

On a side note thank you Steve-O for the second chance and I know you probably won't believe it but I have to say it anyway: I have not, and will never, use any sort of hacks in a multiplayer game and have always (started playing online games @ vCoD in 2003) played clean. In fact when I see a hacker I will usually mess with them by blocking them and the like. It is surprisingly entertaining to have a hacker rage-quit a server. You can ask WHOII about that too he was there when I did that to 3 separate hackers on your server when there were no admins present.
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