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Unlucky Ban Appeal


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I was playing last night, Lunar and P1G were on so im not sure who banned me, and i was raging a bit over a dude sitting in a corner with 300+ ping on shipment. so i said Sour Loser. he warned me to calm down and I didnt even get a chance to say anything and I got banned. I dont see how i can get warned for the first time and then banned. the reason is harassment but i dont believe i was harassing the man. but if I was then i apologize and will refrain from being disrespectful to others if you would be kind enough to unban me.

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Your response to my warning was to whine. I reviewed your chat log and pretty much the only thing you do in the server is spew anger at people. Based on your behavior, response, and history I banned you.

Then you tried to claim that it was "gaming banter". Gaming banter is generally somewhat tasteful and two-way. Your behavior is pure rage and aggression.

I'll reduce it to a 24-hour ban, but you must tone it down a lot.


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