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Please help me figure this

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Hi Cod people,

I am planning to upgrade my nvida gts 250 into gtx 470.

the problem is that i am not sure if my current mother board (gigabyte 2EP43-UD3l, P43 chipset) supports GTX 470.

reason for this gts 250 cant handle at max 1080 resolution.

if you have experience about this, advice me.



My gigs:
Quad 2.2
4gb ram
320g hdd
gts 250
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Sounds to me like you have an overheating problem. Buy a can of compressed air and air can that video card and CPU heatsink and fans out :) If the dust is really bad in your area (like it is here) you might actually need to get a paperclip and take the larger chunks of dust out (the air can doesn't get the biggest ones)

Generally any time you can run 3d graphics for a period of time, and then it stops (crashing, lockup, etc.) It's overheating.
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Overheating and dust is a massive problem here in Vietnam so I would say Da_G's advice is probably spot on.

That's why I just got aircon for my office. My gaming rig has already gone caput once from the heat and I'm gonna do everything in my power to stop that happening again.

Except here in Nam they don't use compresssed air cans (there arn't any here), they use the things for inflating motorbike tyres! lol. Same same, but different.
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I just have a 60 Gallon air compressor to blow out my PC at about 90 PSI :-P. I usually blow it out every 2 months or so and I don't live where there's alot of dust. Its just good "Hygiene". Plus you wont believe how cool everything runs afterward!

P.S. I would get a GTX 460 instead since they run 25 Celsius cooler than the GTX 470 and run slightly slower (a 5-12 fps difference in most games). But they are also 130$ cheaper and are more efficient and they run 100 watts less than a GTX 470 at full throttle. Just make sure you get the 1GB version because it does matter. Plus if you can SLI them, they should technically run faster and more efficient than a single GTX 480 and cost less :-).
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Yeah, that's definitely overheating.. I was having the same problem last summer with my comp because the air flow sucked... I still havent modified my case, but I've opened it up a bit more to get the air flowing better and I don't have the problem anymore.

Nice, Burndown.. I got an air compressor that goes up to 120PSI or so (the gauge is broken and its old lol). I just use a can of air tho.. never really thought of tuggin in the old compressor for that job!


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