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Deagle King


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Doesn't hack all the time, turns it off when admin is there for sure, normal spec doesn't look like anything but with killcam its a bit clearer. I had a dead silence and uav jammer and silencer class, most kills no teammates are near me so no chance of teammate giving up position either. Didn't crop vid to include full context, apologies for choppy gameplay,  gonna have some time stamps to show the interesting clips:

1:15 i change to class mentioned above

2:25 normal looking kill

2:48 maybe because teammates are near me, but the "you" tag is always a bit too close to center of screen

3:15 starting here, mini map shows no teammate going to that side, you could say its routine check but he turned back straight away without checking a second longer? Also why the knee jerk reaction to check again

3:38 guess he saw me and made the right read

4:45 again don't think any teammate were near me, of all the spots to watch goes straight to that one?

5:32 fair enough routine check, 5:39 a bit wonky looking and aimming in at the window frame i.e. where the "you" tag is and then shift to doorway

6:55 no teammate was near me, kill one which might alert him but again "you" tag is very much central on the screen and no adjustment whatsoever after jumping out

11:10 odd timing (heard footsteps??), knee jerk response to check behind, the whole time he was climbing up he knew he need to shoot, also normally when you watch something you don't point the center of your screen at the wall

13:18 probably normally doable 

14:00 not sure, looks normal ish

14:37 final killcam, just looks very aware of a player that he should not be aware of.

Checked forum before, seems like he was banned once before, been back recently and just doesn't leave the server, wouldn't even bother reporting otherwise.

He might just be really good and have a really good headset, but do want to throw this out here for you to take a look, if you would like a higher quality vid let me know 



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Thanks for the report.

We've said this a million times before, but we do not ban on killcam except in the most egregious cases such as an aimbot because the 5 seconds is not enough time to have any idea what is going on from their perspective.

Regardless of that, I don't see any even remotely suspicious kills from him here. The closest to suspicious (and this is quite a stretch) is the one you pointed out at 11:10. However, even that if you follow the flow of the game, he had just killed you a few seconds before running from that direction so I would think any decent player would watch their back as they advance like he did in case others came from that direction after you.

For future recordings, please use the /record feature in game. It provides us with a lot more detail to be able to analyze what's happening, and the files are much, much smaller and easier to upload. Here's some info on how to do that.


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Hi blodshot,


I just tried and was able to successfully download the file.  Once you click on the URL from the 'how to' page, you will need to click on the 'Download this file' button on the screen the initial link takes you to.


Also -There are a couple other posts on this forum (see COD4 discussions) that details how to record demos manually.   





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