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Coincidence ? :)


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(Sorry for my english) Bonjour

I'm typing this cuz I had a wierd experience on your server today.

Killhouse 2 vs 3 - Me and FH|Couchsweat (Couch and me played alot together, mostly FFA on FH servers) against 2 player that aren't about the story and a last player called "Slopp2Dumps".

Everyone was playing well until Mr.2Dumps started complaining like a 2yo : "Stuns are for twats" to quote one.
But the best part was when i said: "We have a whinner !" POOF my game crashes ... Ok, it happens.. It's not like that guy went mad at what i said and crashed my game somehow, right ?

I get back in and start messing with him a lil. Putting my caracter in front of his to block his view. I didn't last long cuz he froze, opens console and ... POOF my game crashes.... WTF ?

Coincidence ? My Ass !

The confidence in the way that guy was talking, the way my game crashes twice while it never crashed like that before ... He's a fat whinner sore loser HACKER :)

And he's emptying your server on will .. Just saying .. :)

What a wierd experience,

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