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KAripotr wall hack


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Hey Shazzam, I really think you should consider to take the time to learn how to record and process the cod4 demos.  Small filesizes overall and easier for the admins to review..


There's the main how-to record demos post from Gryphus linked in his 'READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING' post which is the first msg in this forum.  I also made another how-to with some alternative wording/perspectives in the COD4 discussions forum.   I took the 'I don't know anything' approach but between the two, should be easy enough to digest.


Regardless, thank you for taking the time to post these reportings.  I think we all share that same desire to play on a cheat free server and I have total respect for players that take the time to watch, record, and post here.  I'm not an NJ admin so please don't consider this reply as an admin acknowledgement of any kind.  





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