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king wallhack


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I clipped the part where you can see this guy clearly wallhacking, to save on space. I have the full recording via geforce.

Player: king

This dude was wallhacking. His whole style was suspicious, and you can clearly see him using cheats. I have Uav Jammer and Dead silence but that's besides the point. He had no way of knowing I was on that 2nd floor. He would follow me through walls on multiple kills. I have no doubt in my mind this is not legit.

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Sorry for the delay. He was banned shortly after this report. Thanks for reporting, Seventhsign.


FYI if you open console ingame and type /record it will create a super small recording of the game that you can upload directly here. End recording with /stoprecord. It's generally preferred over video uploads since it's much smaller, easier to manage, and directly saves game details that aren't caught in a video.


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