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Lose the lead in game and switches to enemy team, every time, multiple time in games 

He switched team end of game, you can see the score doesn't add up.

On shipment he was switching back and forth, whenever I switch to another team and we start takign leads he switch, breaks the game when theres only several people in game 400319263_ScreenShot2020-11-11at4_19_08PM.thumb.png.c48cb6f703dba18a96ddff6ae220705f.png1656548207_ScreenShot2020-11-11at4_20_16PM.thumb.png.3ddef237235c66f84cf8cf533b4f8efa.png870495747_ScreenShot2020-11-11at4_21_46PM.thumb.png.cd3c8c7f7ac526542e97c65a691b43b5.png1265322853_ScreenShot2020-11-11at4_17_19PM.thumb.png.1d63c89a112d3f3e73edbe9b26d3c55d.png

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Thank you for the report Bloodshot.  I'll keep my eye out for him and give him a few warning kicks.  I think I know the times he joins the server.  Looking at his ping, he's definitely not in the US, but I looked as his chat logs and he speaks English.  So maybe he'll get the picture after a few kicks.


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